Saturday, November 9, 2013


You guys know that I adore sloths (my background is them, after all.) So I thought I'd relay some facts about them.
Ok, so you could look up in a tree, and see a sloth, but don't get too excited-it might be dead. Since sloths spend so much time suspended from trees, their stomach muscles are exceptionally strong and can cling on to them even after they've died. Ugh.
Usually, they only leave their perch on a tree to pee or poop, which mystifies me. They're extremely slow and therefore vulnerable on the ground-why not just do it where your safe? Just a thought.
However, its slowness can be an aide. That, combined with its excellent camouflage, make it hard to spot.
They spend about 20 hours sleeping.
They make look lazy, but they become fearsome when attacked, and have no qualms about using their pernicious teeth.
Anddddd something sloth videos!
And something I uberexcited about! March 4, 2013, Nina Sen. November 9, 2013.