Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Hairy Situation

“Unnaturally” colored hair is something that has been abolished by many schools, private and public alike. It has also been banned in homeschool community I go to, where I take 3 classes. And because I go there, every Thursday for 3 hours, I am unable to dye my hair whatever color I feel. Many of the requirements, such as knee-length shorts, and tops with sleeves, I would be more than willing to abide by. An article of clothing is something easily removed; hair, however, is not. And I know many will take this as a desperate attempt for attention, or a petty cause-but for me, at least, it is so much more than just a color. Self-expression is a huge part of “being yourself”, which, ironically, was the topic of discussion for the week in which I was confronted about my hair. As one of my friends so brilliant articulated, “You can be you, but only the you they want you to be.” This regulation and this regulation alone is the reason I will not be attending this community next year- I absolutely refuse to conform to such ridiculous rules, and do not wish to affiliate myself with those who support it-and, sadly, there will be a lot of people and events that I will miss due to this. All this, to appease a group for a mere 3 hours weekly.

Because of my hair I have also been labeled as a “bad kid”. This hate is largely underserved but expected. A bad kid in comparison to what, exactly? As of yet, I haven’t been incarcerated or impregnated. I don’t do drugs, or smoke. This portrayal is all because of my “innovative fashions” and “extreme alterations”. There are a lot of sacrifices I have made to attend the community. It requires tons of time, effort, and money. Hours and hours of time have been spent, struggling to find a suitable outfit, time that I could have spent elsewhere on something a whole lot more substantial. I hope with this letter that I can manage to change the policy as well as some perspectives. 
Do any of you have "unnaturally" colored hair? What would you do/say if someone was opposed to your hair?