Monday, August 26, 2013

Hey y'all!
I've been wanting to start a blog now for a while, brimming with random snippets of awesomeness.
 I'm 14, and this blog will be filled with all of the things that I like. If you are not interested, just hit the X :).
I would love to listen to your feedback, so feel free to post any sort suggestions/comments below.
Now, on to the important stuff.
I am a big Swiftie, and have been so every since the start of her career. Though I didn't actually watch the VMA's yesterday, I did, of course, hear of the huge uproar concerning Taylor's alleged F-bomb when 1 Direction presented the award for Best Pop Video. And I honestly don't see why this caused so much of a controversy. Sure, she has some younger fans, but I wish people would quit portraying her as a vengeful and promiscuous person. She recently broke up with one of the members and has every right to be upset. Plus, freedom of speech! Though I personally oppose swearing, she is 23, and she can say whatever choice words she feels.